Virustotal python script

So, ever been on a server over CLI and have a file you want to inspect via Virus Total? If you did not know already they have an API you can take advantage of just by signing up. The are limit on the freely available API but for many users the free API is all they will need.


This is the python code they give you as an example of how to send files to VT with the API:

You can drop this into a text editor name it with .py and it will work. But as I do run into the scenario I’ve described above I want a more friendly way to be able to drop this on a server and send in the suspicious file. With the code snippet they supply you would need to manually edit every time you want to use it.

Here’s more what I was thinking:

Just a quick and dirty python script save that typing. Feel free to use, edit, or otherwise modify. Available over at github.


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