Blazescan v 1.3 updates

Update time, I added a few additional features to blazescan. One requested feature was the ability to email a report produced by blazescan, this has been added to the -m flag.

The mail address is set in the blazescand.conf file:

Additionally a new -i flag has been added. This flag is to allow an admin/analyst to run a set a file checks on a suspect file. It will provide the file stat, sha1 hash, strings and additional information to help provide a wider view of the file attributes.

And if you have a file that you have deemed malicious you can report it back to allow for a signature to be written for the file.

If you need to update to the new version the recommended method is to git pull the repository and re-run the install script. If you have removed the repo, then re-clone and run the install again.

Have questions or bug reports or feature requests, find me on twitter @laskow26, or in the github repo.